Marguerite and Sue turning loneliness into friendship - a companiions success story

BBC Click recently featured one of the companiions app’s many success stories – the special friendship that’s grown between Marguerite (a great grandmother) and Sue (a freelance scriptwriter and companion). Watch the video and discover the difference companionship is making in both their lives. 

Meet Marguerite

Marguerite has been blessed with a big family. She has six grown-up children, 18 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren! But many of her loved ones live far away, are working all day, or are busy taking care of their young families. While they’d love to, they can’t always come to visit her. 

This means feelings of loneliness and isolation can set in, especially when you add Covid restrictions and social distancing measures into the mix. 

Finding a local companion for Marguerite

One of Marguerite’s daughters realised Marguerite was likely in need of more company, companionship and friendship, after noticing several signs of loneliness in her mum. She took action and found Marguerite a professional companion – on our companiions app. She found Sue, a freelance scriptwriter living close to Marguerite. 

After connecting via companiions, the two soon forged a close and meaningful connection that’s enriching both their lives. “It was Marguerite’s name that first caught my attention,” says Sue. “I asked her about her name and she started telling me her history, then mentioned that she’d once upon a time been a professional ballroom dancer.” While theirs is an intergenerational friendship, it’s all the livelier and more fulfilling for it. “I was very interested in her life, and she was interested in what I was saying to her,” says Marguerite.

Taking their friendship online

During lockdown, Marguerite and Sue made their meetings digital, catching up regularly via the companiions app’s handy video chat tool. Marguerite shared many of her stories with Sue, which inspired Sue as both an individual and a writer. “Hearing stories is fascinating for me. I love it,” says Sue.

Many people have large families who visit often but also need the excitement and inspiration of meeting new people. companiions is making those connections possible. “Sometimes you can open up to people and not tell your family things, which I think is very enlightening,” shares Marguerite. “It’s given me a lift in life”. 

Watch the video

Want to know more? Watch the BBC Click video:

Find a companion for your loved one

If you’re worried a loved one is struggling with loneliness, a local companion could be just what they need to bring newness into their life and variety and friendship to their day.

Download the companiions app and sign up to arrange companionship for a loved one, or even yourself. 

Want to make a difference to the life of someone locally, while enriching your own? Download the app and sign up to become a companion.