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Verify your identity with a form of ID, address and proof of address so that we can make sure you’re really you.

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Start receiving booking requests with details about the visit, where it is and who you’ll be providing companionship for.

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What do our companions have to say?

I had a lovely time chatting to Arthur, he is very friendly and easy to talk to! I hope to see him again and listen to more of his incredible stories!



I really enjoyed my first visit, we spent the whole time talking! I was really pleased that my voice work experienced helped this loved one who has some speech issues and look forward to visiting her regularly.



I've been using companiions for over a month now and it is such a great app! Got to meet some lovely people, give a helping hand and earn some extra money. Great concept, especially after the year we've all had as a society!



I think this app is so great, it is such a good idea and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it. I have met some lovely people and I am excited to continue too!



I had a wonderful visit with Melvin. A Lovely gent who likes a good natter and a joke. Looking forward to seeing you again soon Melvin.



Tom had an injury so being close by I was able to go to the shops for him to get some food. It was all very easy and went smoothly. Tom asked if I wanted a cup of tea so I stayed for a chat...I hope I can help others in similar situations.



Give. And gain. Earn money, simply

Why become a companion?

Earn money, simply

With companiions, you can work as much or as little as you like, in an area near to you, earning between £12 and £25 per hour. Getting started is easy.

Work around your life

A handy scheduler lets you update your availability and keep track of your visits. So you only work when it’s convenient for you.

Stay organised

Our apps, notifications, notes, updates, chat and video calls help you manage your visits – and your day – seamlessly.


As a companion, you'll get £1M public liability insurance as standard for all the in-home visits you do through companiions. This free benefit brings peace of mind for all our customers and companiions community.

How much could you earn?

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Of course, some weeks you might want to work more than others. Working and earning with companiions is flexible

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Hourly Rate:

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min. 12 max. 25

You could earn...



Enter how many hours you’d like to work and your hourly rate to see how much you could earn with companiions

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