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Here’s how it works

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Getting started

For organisers

Create a profile for your loved one

Add their details, a photo and ideally a video too. Be sure to mention any health issues, likes, dislikes and needs companions should know about.

Manage your loved one’s diary

Make it easy for companions to offer their help and companionship by creating ‘visits’ to show when your loved one needs support.

Book visits, without any hassle

See who’s available and book them quickly and easy. No endless back and forth. No negotiations. Just pay simply and seamlessly, within the app. 

Stay up to date

Know who’s visiting and when, and get real-time updates on how your loved one’s doing. You can leave notes and instructions for companions too.

Getting started

For companions

Create a great profile

Tell organisers about yourself, including your occupation, experience and key info like first aid credentials or a driving license. Add a photo and a video too. 

Work to your schedule

A handy scheduler lets you update your availability and keep track of your visits. So you only work when it’s convenient for you.

Get paid, seamlessly

Get paid, seamlessly

With companiions, you’re always paid on time. Payments take place securely and seamlessly via our app. No issues. No need for cash.

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Start organising companionship for your loved one

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