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I’m a companion. What do I do if I feel unsafe during a trip?

If you encounter an emergency situation or if your personal safety is threatened while on a visit, contact the local police or emergency services immediately.

Following your contact of the emergency service, please also let companiions know of the situation by contacting us here

What are some trust and safety tips for companions and organisers before a visit?

Here are some tips to help you attend/receive visits with confidence.

Use companiions tools to find the perfect fit: companiions provides our community with the tools to make great decisions for themselves or their loved ones. Get exactly what you’re looking for by taking advantage of our many search filters, like price, distance, hobbies and skillset. Found a companion or organiser you like? Be sure to read their profile and description thoroughly – paying special attention to the job requirements, preferences and experience required.

Read the ratings and reviews: Look through feedback from past companions and organisers to help find the right fit for you. Companions and organisers can only leave a review after they’ve completed a visit so you know the feedback you’re reading is based on someone’s personal experience.

Connect on video conference (coming soon) If you’re still unsure about a companion or organiser use our handy video conferencing tool to have a chat with them ahead of your visit, get them to introduce you to the end user if you like. 

Get your questions answered Our secure messaging tool is a safe and easy way for you to ask a potential companion or organiser any questions you have before you book. After booking, you can also message each other to coordinate arrival time, ask additional questions, and keep in touch throughout your visit 

Always communicate and pay on companiions Keep yourself, your payment, and your personal information protected by staying on our secure platform throughout the entire process – from communication, to booking and payment. You should never be asked to transfer money, provide credit card information, or otherwise pay a companion directly. If you are, please report it to us immediately by contacting us 

Know your customer Before you arrive, make sure you know all relevant emergency information, any medical history, what the visit requires, dietary requirements etc to ensure you have a good experience as a companion. As an organiser ensure all information about your loved one is kept in your account

Research local travel alerts and warnings Before you travel know your route so you can be prepared for any delays. Always remember than the organisers loved one could be depending on your visit so late arrivals could result in no lunch or concern for the organiser. 

Terms and Policies In order to operate and continuously invest in the companiions platform, 25% of what an organiser pays will automatically be deducted from the companions payout as a platform fee. The fee will be deducted at the end of every visit.

There is no platform fee charged against any tips, taxis or charitable donations that an organiser chooses to pay their companion.

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