Get paid to help others with these 6 side hustles

The opportunity to make money doesn’t end with your day job. In today’s world, it’s simple to find a fulfilling side hustle and get paid to help others.

There are countless ways to supplement your income, many of them rewarding and worthwhile. We all want to make money, but if we can get paid for genuinely helping people, that’s even better - we all want job satisfaction, too!

At companiions, we facilitate worthwhile side hustles to provide valuable care and assistance to those who need it, and help people get paid for helping others. We’re pretty clued up on rewarding ways to make money, so if you’re interested in boosting your income and broadening your horizons, keep on reading.

Become a private tutor

If you’re an expert in a particular academic subject, consider using your skills to become a private tutor and get paid to help others learn from your experience. 

In most cases, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home, as tutoring can all be done online. This makes it easy to fit around your lifestyle. You could either join one of the many online private tutoring agencies, or start your own independent private tutoring business. 

There are pros and cons to each option - joining an agency can take away the admin, but they’ll most likely keep a cut of your earnings. If you start your own private tutoring business, you’ll keep all that you earn (apart from taxes of course), but you’ll have all the marketing, bookkeeping and organisation to do yourself, which can be surprisingly time consuming.

Seeing your students grow in confidence and expertise will be a truly rewarding experience, making private tutoring a great option if you want to get paid to help young people learn and grow their self confidence.

Work for a charity

Charities rely on volunteers, but there are several paid roles within the third sector, too. Working for a charity is a highly rewarding and meaningful way to spend your spare time and get paid to help others.

From door-to-door fundraising and supporting at events, to social media marketing and much more, there are a wide variety of part time positions within charities that help keep the cogs turning and help charities to make a difference. Whatever your skills, there’s most likely a role for you.

Take a look at your local charities, or at any remote jobs, and see if it’s an area where you could get paid to help people.

Become a companion

If you want to get paid to help others in a hands-on manner, then becoming a companion is the side hustle for you. 

As a companion, you can provide much needed support in your local community. It could be helping a young family with childcare, providing vital company to a elderly person, or running errands for someone dealing with a short term illness. 

You’re free to pick the jobs that best suit your personality and skills by using our handy mobile app, so no lengthy phone calls or last minute rotas to contend with. Getting paid to help others through companiions is seriously flexible, too. You’re in control of what hours you work, and you pick your hourly rate of up to £25. 

It’s a side hustle that makes good money whilst having a positive impact on your community - what could be better? Sign up to become a companion today.

Coach others 

Coaching is similar to private tutoring, but your subject can be a little more vocational and can help others to improve their personal and working lives.

It could be that you’re a dab hand at social media marketing and can help a small business in need. You might be passionate about how others can improve their lives via personal development, or perhaps have years of life experience to call upon as a life coach. Whatever you’re an expert in, there will be people out there who’ll benefit from your advice.

Try out your coaching skills by offering your services to a friend first, then consider using social media to promote your services - local community notice boards could be a good place to start.

House sit

We’d all like the peace of mind that our home is safe and sound while we’re away, that’s why many people prefer to leave their home in the hands of a house sitter. And it could be your ideal way of getting paid to help local neighbours.

In a nutshell, a house sitter will look after a home by doing day-to-day maintenance such as opening and closing windows, watering plants, light cleaning and perhaps looking after pets. 

Some house sitting jobs offer accommodation rather than money in return for their services, but many homeowners would rather pay an individual to come by each day to perform their tasks instead.

Have a look at house sitting agencies online such as Trusted Housesitters, or set up your own house sitting service. Just remember to look into any insurance that you’ll need.

Work in a care home

Lots of care homes use casual staff to help them fulfil their many tasks and duties. Caring for the elderly or unwell is a 24/7 job, and there are times when homes will need extra support.

Look into joining casual bank staff teams for your local care homes if you have the relevant skills and qualifications - your local council website may give you somewhere to begin.

As a member of casual staff, you’ll be able to pick shifts when they’re convenient, and supplement your income by doing something that truly helps others.

That wraps up six worthwhile ways to get paid to help others, we hope we’ve sparked your interest! Want more inspiration? Find 8 more side jobs that can help to boost your income.

Want to get started and earn money helping others? Find out more about becoming a paid companion and getting paid to support those in your local community today.