Top 10 tips for finding the perfect companion

Looking for some extra help, support and assistance for your loved one? We know the process can be tricky, inconvenient and time-consuming. That’s why we created companiions – to bring you peace of mind and connect you with trusted, vetted companions in the local area. Here are ten handy tips for finding the perfect person to provide a helping hand. 

How to find a companion in 10 easy steps...

1. Think about your loved one’s needs

Does your loved one need regular visits from a companion or just someone to pop in now and then? Are they feeling lonely and looking for companionship? Do they want to start a friendship with someone with shared interests, or would they like to broaden their horizons by getting to know someone from an entirely different walk of life? Perhaps they need someone to help with chores or to help them get up to scratch with tech, so they can stay connected to others? Be sure to ask your loved one what matters most to them. After all, they’re the experts! Our companions can help out in a whole range of ways - find out more about our companionship services.

2. Create a detailed visit request

To start connecting with potential companions, you’ll need to create a visit request. This is simple and seamless to do, all via the companiions app. Just fill out the form and answer the questions. It’s worth taking your time to make your visit request as detailed as possible. Share a little about your loved one, what they’re looking for and any ‘must haves’ such as transport, cooking skills, or a quirky sense of humour!

3. Take a good look at companions’ profiles

Once you’ve been matched with some potential companions, take a good look at their profiles. You’ll get a sense of their personality, outlook and skills from reading their bio and other information. When weighing up your options, consider both the emotional side (do they feel like a match?) and the pragmatic side (do they live close enough, or do they have the qualifications you’re looking for). 

4. Read ratings and reviews

All our companions are vetted. Ratings and reviews are another important part of the picture, letting you what others in our community thought of the potential companion. The higher the rating, the better the experience. Reviews help bring all that to life – the anecdotal details and feedback other organisers share can help you find your ultimate match. DBS checks and references are available on request.

5. Keep your budget in mind

Does your loved one need a companion with professional care experience, or simply someone local to enjoy a chat with and maybe take care of some chores? You’ll find both on the companiions app from as little as £12 an hour. Those with professional care experience tend to charge more. If you need it, great. If not, why not save by choosing someone else?

6. Consider location and travel

Many customers are keen to find a companion who lives close to their loved one. This makes regular visits quick and easy and helps to connect your loved one to their neighbourhood and community. If someone’s visiting from further afield, it’s worth checking that they have a car or are willing to pay for their own travel. If you need a companion to give your loved one lifts, a car and driving license will be a must. 

7. Meet potential companions on video chat

Found someone who feels like the right person? Why not arrange to ‘meet’ face-to-face via our handy video chat tool. This is a chance to have an initial conversation, find out more about each other, and see if you’ve discovered your match.

8. Ask any important questions

While a detailed visit request is a great place to start, remember to ask potential companions any important questions – whether in a message or on video chat. For example, are they dog or cat friendly? Do they have any skills or hobbies they could teach your loved one? You could even ask how they take their tea, so you’re all set for that first cuppa!

9. Grow the friendship

Once you’ve booked a companion, it doesn’t stop there. Many of companiions’s biggest fans have forged strong connections through our befriending network, organising regular visits and enjoying quality time together. Remember to keep checking in with your loved one’s companion to make sure everything’s going well, looking for opportunities to enrich the relationship. Days out, shared meals, new activities and time to chat are all great ways to create meaningful moments and memories. 

10. Do it all on the companiions app

Ready to find the ultimate companion for your loved one? Give the companiions app a go. Our trusted befriending network brings together people who need a little help or companionship, quickly, easily and safely. Sign up to find a companion today.

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