Help a loved one make the most of life after lockdown

During the height of the pandemic, our lives shrunk in size. Now, life after lockdown brings all sorts of new freedoms and opportunities. How can you help your elderly loved one get back out there and make the most of everything the world has to offer? Here are some handy tips. 

Encourage them to get excited

While post-lockdown life still has its difficulties, there’s so much to feel good about. You can help your elderly loved one feel inspired and motivated by reminding them about everything there is to look forward to now. Recent research from Kantar shows that people are most looking forward to a spot of pampering, going out to eat, heading to the cinema, and drinks with friends.

Of course, everyone is unique and some older people may have different preferences. Why not have a chat about everything that’s now (or soon to be) possible, and ask your elderly loved one what kinds of activities they’d enjoy the most? There are so many new things to experience and memories to be made. Help your loved one see the positive side, so they can reap the rewards.

Help them prepare their home and garden for visitors

During lockdown, many people found it tough to get help with odd jobs around the house. On top of that, there were often shortages of materials. Ask your loved one if there are any improvements they’re keen to make, to maximise their enjoyment of the home and help them get set for welcoming visitors again. Even small tweaks like changing a lightbulb or swapping in a new set of cushions can make a world of difference, lifting the mood and creating a feeling of newness.

Your loved one might like some help with their garden too, to get it spruced up for quiet coffees, day-to-day pottering, or picnics and garden parties with friends and family. If you’re short on time or ‘handy’ skills, why not use the companiions app to find a local companion who’s a whiz with odd jobs, interior design, or gardening?

Get them out and about, in bold new ways

The reopening of gyms, galleries, restaurants and community centres brings all sorts of opportunities. This could be the ideal moment for your loved one to dare to do things differently and experiment with trying out some new activities. From drawing and painting classes to yoga, thai chi and water aerobics, there are plenty of options for unleashing creativity and getting active. Social clubs, language lessons, history societies and reading groups are all worth exploring too. 

Of course, getting out and about depends on mobility. If you’re not able to drop your loved ones at clubs and classes, consider finding a local companion who can walk or drive them, enjoying a chat along the way. A companion could even attend classes with your loved one, to help them get stuck in.

Find your loved one some local companionship 

Life after lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean you can now see your elderly loved one as often as you’d like. You might well be able to visit them more frequently than before, but if you’re busy or live far away regular visits can still be tricky. By finding a local companion for your loved one, you can get peace of mind that there’s someone there to check in on them regularly, as well as accompanying them out and about, helping them around the home and garden, sharing stories, making new memories, and even teaching them new skills! 

It’s amazing the difference that this kind of ‘little and often’ interaction can make. A friendly, helpful, inspiring companion can support you in helping your loved one seize the very best that life after lockdown has to offer.

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