What is a befriending service?

No matter our age, relationship status, routine or beliefs, we all need friendship. It puts a smile on our faces, helps keep us healthy, and makes our lives more meaningful. But finding new friends can be tricky. That’s where befriending services can help. 

What are befriending services?

Befriending services aim to make it easier and safer for people to meet others to enjoy conversation, a cup of tea, and shared activities. Befriending services can take all sorts of forms, from telephone lines to online chat tools to face-to-face meetings. Many charities and organisations have offered befriending services for quite some time.

It can be difficult to forge new friendships, especially if your social circle is limited through ill health, location, old age, or care responsibilities. By providing structure and, in some cases, handy technology and tools, befriending services help you connect with great people you might not otherwise be lucky enough to meet. 

Try the companiions befriending app

We created companiions to bring together people who need a little help or companionship through our trusted befriending network, quickly, easily and safely. While the magic of friendship is as old as time, we’ve used the latest technology to help people connect with others in their local area.

When you download the app and sign up, you can arrange companionship for yourself or a loved one, or become a companion yourself. With our befriending service, everything happens in a safe environment, with secure payment and real-time updates on how visits are going. All our companions are vetted, rated and reviewed, and DBS checks and references are available on request.

Make the most of companiions

People use companiions for all sorts of reasons, from taking a loved one for a walk, picking up their prescription, driving them to an event, or simply having a chat and a cup of tea. companiions isn’t a home care app, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so handy. Professional care is hugely valuable and makes a real difference in the lives of many. But if your loved one doesn’t need professional care, there’s no need to pay those high hourly rates. Afterall, no one needs a doctor to take them for a walk or share their new favourite joke! 

Another great benefit of companiions is our video chat tool. Before booking a visit with a potential companion, you can arrange to speak via video so you can say hello, find out more about each other, and see if the match is right for you. It removes the awkwardness and brings peace of mind. 

We believe befriending services should be user friendly. Meeting new people or arranging for people to spend time with your loved ones can be fraught with worry, but we’ve taken every step to save you time, stress and hassle. Give companiions a go and see for yourself.

Download the app

We’re on a mission to bring companionship to every community and we’d love you to be part of our journey. Want to give companiions a go? Download the app today and sign up.