Introducing #FreeKindnessMondays

On October 16th companiions is launching in Guildford/Surrey before going UK-wide in 2021. Ahead of our launch, we carried out a national survey and discovered Monday is the loneliest day of the week. So, to bring people together and spread the spirit of community, we’re giving everyone £20 of free help on Mondays for a month.

It’s cool to be kind

For many of us, this year has reminded us of the power of kindness. Perhaps a friend offered to do some grocery shopping for you, or maybe you visited an elderly neighbour for a socially distanced cup of tea and a catch up?


One person taking the time to help out another can have a huge positive impact on the person who’s receiving, and on the person who’s giving. In turn, these simple acts of kindness can have a ripple effect, spreading togetherness and happiness throughout a community.

That’s what we believe, and it’s why we’re on mission to bring compassion to every community by bringing together people who need a little help or companionship with trusted local companions. The companiions app makes giving and receiving kindness quick, easy and safe.


We want to be there for our loved ones, but often can’t be there in person all the time. Perhaps you live far away, or have demanding work and childcare commitments. companiions solves that problem by letting you make sure your loved ones have company and help at hand when you can’t be there.

Let’s swap loneliness for togetherness

We could all use a bit of kindness – some days more than others. Loneliness often goes unspoken about but, unfortunately, it’s all too common. Elderly people living alone often struggle with it, and so do many other people including carers, new parents, those recovering from illness or surgery, and those who have recently moved to a new area.

We wanted to find out the loneliest day of the week, so we could help change things for the better and make as big a positive impact as possible. We undertook national research surveying over 2,300 UK adults and found that 83% of us experience loneliness (companiions 2020 loneliness survey). We discovered that Monday is the most common day to struggle with loneliness – 22% of people said it’s the day they could do with extra company or help.

#FreeKindnessMondays is here to help
We want to do our bit to solve loneliness everyday, by connecting those who could do with help and companionship with those who want to offer it. Our CEO and Co-Founder Lisa says, “There are lots of people who could benefit hugely from having quick, easy, safe access to friendly and helpful individuals in their community. Meanwhile there are people out there brimming with compassion, who want to make money while making a difference. So we created companiions to bring the two together.”

To go hand in hand with the launch of companiions, we’re offering #FreeKindnessMondays with £20 of free companionship to ‘spend’ on visits completed on Mondays for a month. Our aim? To bring togetherness and happiness to what can be a difficult day of the week for many. If you could use a little help and companionship or know a loved one who does, make sure you take up the offer.

To get your free kindness, download the companiions app via the App Store, Google Play or www.companiions.com, create an account and book a visit to commence on a Monday during the offer and companions will take £20 off. Terms and conditions apply and the offer is limited, so claim your free £20 today.

Want some kindness inspiration? Take a look at our blog post about all the handy ways you can use companiions.