How to create a great companion profile

The better your companion profile, the more interest you’ll receive from organisers, the more visit bookings you’re likely to get, and the more you’ll earn. Here’s how to create a brilliant profile that showcases your personality and skills to the full.

First things first

Before you can officially become a companion and start accepting visit requests, you’ll need to create and build your profile. This is your chance to get to know potential organisers and their loved ones before you meet in person on your first visit. 

You’ll want to share enough information so others can get a good feel for who you are and if you’re a fit. So don’t hold back – this is your opportunity to shine. 

Remember, the more comprehensive and attention-grabbing your profile is, the more visit requests you’re likely to receive. Then you can give, and gain. 

Practical bits and pieces

Before everything else, you’ll need to sign up to companiions by entering some practical details, like your name, email address, date of birth, gender and address.

You’ll also need to create your companiions password. Make sure it’s strong enough, to keep your account safe. It should be longer than 8 characters and contain a mix of numbers and letters. Once this is done, you’ll need to pass through companiions verification process, which includes verifying your identity, so have your Passport or Drivers Licence ready. Companiions needs this information to keep everyone safe and don’t worry, your ID won’t be shared with anyone else. Before you go to complete your profile, we’ll also need to verify your address as part of our safety checks, so have a Utility Bill or Bank Statement with your address on it ready to upload within the app when prompted. 

Now for the fun part!


You must include an up-to-date photo of yourself on your profile, so organisers and their loved ones can see and recognise you. But there’s no need for fancy head shots or formality. Pick a photo you love and that represents your personality, and others are bound to love it too. Just make sure it’s clear – no fuzzy, blurry photos! 

Tell organisers about yourself

Include a few sentences to introduce who you are, your personality, your experience, and why you’ve chosen to become a companion.

Our advice? Be yourself. The more organisers can sense your character and what drives you, the more they’ll be drawn to you. So don’t be afraid to share your hobbies and interests, or what you believe in. What does companionship mean to you? Let them know. 

Add your occupation and experience

You might have experience working in a caring profession, like as a carer, nurse or therapist. If that’s the case, be sure to mention it. If you have another occupation, no worries. Go ahead and include it. It’s companions’ diverse backgrounds and experiences that make our community so special.

Add any other credentials and certificates too, such as a First Aid and DBS certificates. If you have a driving license and are a car owner, include this information also. Many organisers like to book companions who have their own transport, especially if the loved one lives in a location with not-so-good transport links.

Mention any special requirements

There are all sorts of requirements companions might have. If you have a disability or an allergy, for example, it’s worth including it on your profile.

Some companions request the cost of a taxi home, especially if they’re working late at night or in an area that’s tricky to reach using public transport. If that’s the case for you, be sure to mention it upfront in your profile so everything’s clear for the potential organiser. 

Now you’re all set. The sooner you create your profile, the sooner you can start receiving booking requests.   

Get Started

Want to know more about being a companion? Take a look at our Become a Companion page.

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