Handy ways to use companiions

We created companiions to bring together people who need a little help with those who can offer it. There are all sorts of ways to make use of companiions, from company and a chat to chores and more.

Arrange help for a loved one. Or yourself. 

Struggling to sort care for a loved one? companiions makes the process quick, easy and safe. It’s a great way to organise companionship and help for an ageing parent or an elderly friend or relative, for example.

But did you know you can also arrange help or companionship for yourself? It’s all too easy to spend your days making sure everyone else is happy and well and has their needs taken care of. It’s important to put yourself in the picture too though. Could you do with someone local to lend a hand? 

Here’s a round up of inventive, meaningful ways our community are using companiions.

Getting around
If you’re dealing with mobility issues, companiions can make your day-to-day so much easier. When one of our founders, Lisa, was recovering from leg surgery she struggled to keep on top of household chores like laundry, tidying and errands.

“I wish I’d been able to book someone locally to come and help me out, taking care of whatever I needed,” says Lisa. “Preparing a balanced meal at lunchtime was really difficult while I was recovering. I couldn’t make it myself and my husband was out all day. I ended up losing lots of weight. Having someone to fix me some lunch and help with daily chores would have made a real difference. I missed out on that, but the experience spurred me on to create companiions.”

Perhaps you’ve broken your arm and need someone to change a few light bulbs? Or maybe you’re in a wheelchair and want someone to dust those hard-to-reach shelves?

If you don’t have the time or energy to take care of your shopping list, let someone else make it their mission. Can’t drive but need a lift now and then? Search for a companion with their own car to take you out and about, wherever you need to go.

companiions can be a real help when you live a long way from an older relative, too. Perhaps you’d love to pop in and check on them every few days, but the 6 hour round trip means it’s just not a regular option. Find a companion local to your loved one, so they have regular, local help and you have peace of mind.

Staying connected
We humans are hardwired for connection. Togetherness and empathy are as vital as the air we breathe. Sadly, loneliness is on the rise. If you’ve moved to a new area, recently become a mum, or lost someone close to you, you could be feeling the effects of loneliness more acutely than most.

The good news is, you don’t have to settle for isolation. Our aim is to bring companionship to every community, putting kindness and compassion on the nation’s agenda and making them accessible for everyone. “In the past, I’d have been embarrassed to admit I needed some company and someone to share my experience with,” says new mum Kristina. “But now the conversation’s changing. I hope we can learn from simpler times, when communities would rally together to support one another.”

If you or someone you know could do with some extra company, try booking a companion. They could join you at home for a chat, a cup of tea, or a spot of lunch. Or, you could head out and about together – to the park, shops, or even the cinema. 

That kind of support can be especially helpful for anyone suffering from agoraphobia, which is more common than many of us would like to think. The NHS reports that, in the UK, up to 2 people in 100 have panic disorder. It's thought around a third will go on to develop agoraphobia.

Tricky tasks
Now and then (and sometimes more often than that) life throws you a curveball. There’s a tricky task that needs taking care of, but you have no idea how to get it sorted. companiions is here to help.

Maybe you need someone clued up to take your loved one to an important health appointment when you’re away from work. Or perhaps you’ve got an interview coming up and want someone to quiz you, so you can get hours of practice in without bothering your housemates.

Mary, a new companiions user, was recently dealt a similarly random situation: “I needed to return a king size bed to an online department store, but they told me I needed to disassemble the bed before collection. I was completely stuck. My partner has mobility issues, I have neither the skills or the tools, and we’d recently moved to a new area so I didn’t know anyone locally who could help me out. Then I found companiions. By booking a companion, I was able to sort it fast and get my refund for the bed.”

Whatever you’re struggling with, there’s likely a kind-hearted person living locally to you who can sort it. So download companiions and let our community help make your life that bit easier.

Get started

If you’ve found a clever new way to use companiions, we’d love to hear from you. We might even feature your story on our social media. Please get in touch. 

Got any questions? Visit our Help & Support page.