companiions for business

companiions helps employers reduce absenteeism and turnover, as well as increase productivity by supporting employees with care responsibilities 


companiions employee benefit program

Employers are facing a caregiving crisis

Employees are struggling to balance care and work responsibilities

1 in 4 sandwich carers report symptoms of mental ill health, including anxiety & depression.

Informal care duties are a key driver of gender inequality

Women provide 3x more unpaid care work than men (76.2%), affecting labour force participation, income and health

Employee Absence

Care related absenteeism impacts productivity, talent retention and employee wellbeing, with 1 in 5 considering a reduction in hours or giving up work to care for a loved one.

Absenteeism & Turnover are significant costs to UK business

40% of employees rank family responsibilities as the top reason for absence. 600 people give up work every day to look after a relative.

companiions for business

We’re here to help

companiions provides a simple, trusted and cost effective way for businesses to support employees find balance between work and care responsibilities. Our Companions can support families with transportation, cooking, housetasks and everyday assistance.

companiions for business provides a range of packages; from a simple gift card solution to fully integrated employee benefits.

companiions for business

How it works

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Employee access

Eligible employees can find, select and book a companion that will help to support them and their family

Monitor and report

companiions provides employers with detailed reporting and updates


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